Frequently Asked Questions


Why would someone sell their mineral interest?

There are several reasons someone might consider selling their mineral interest. Financial hardship, other investment opportunities, or simply wanting to take a sum-certain today versus variable payments over time are all common reasons for selling mineral interests. Each individual's circumstances are different and dictates what is right for him or her.

If I decide that selling is the right choice for me, do I have to sell all of my interest?

No, you don't have to sell all of your mineral interest. We often purchase fractional shares of mineral interests from our clients so that they can get the best of both worlds; Get a set sum of money today while also keeping some of the future income.

Is there a common, accepted way to value my mineral interests?

While there are several common methods used to value mineral interests, such as 60 times monthly royalty or 3 times most recent lease bonus, those methods can severely underestimate the value of your asset. Our valuations and offers are calculated on the present value of the estimated recoverable reserves under your tract based on geology and engineering. This ensures you get paid the true value of your asset.

How long do I have to think about an offer once received?

While we respect the seller's need to carefully consider all of the circumstances and alternatives in a potential mineral sale, it is our policy to make all of our written and verbal offers effective for a period of two weeks from the date made. If additional time is needed we can modify that timeline on a case-by-case basis.

How complicated is the process once I decide to sell my mineral interest?

The process is extremely simple when you sell all or part of your mineral interest to us. Upon acceptance we will execute a written purchase-sale agreement with you that lays out all of the agreed terms. Once that is in place we promptly begin our due diligence review, which consists mainly of title verification at the county clerk's office by our landmen and title attorneys. When that process is complete, usually within 30 days, we simply provide you a deed to execute in presence of a notary and pay you via bank wire or cashier's check once that document is returned to us. In short, all you do is sign a few pieces of paper and deposit your check in the bank!

Are there any fees associated with a sale of my mineral interest?

The only fees you might pay in conjunction with your mineral sale would be those of any outside advisors you choose to help you. We pay all of the due diligence, recording, and other fees associated with your sale. We pay you exactly the amount we offer you for your mineral asset and not a penny less!